About SPOT

Buying a Cars is an expensive venture which most of us will undertake at least once in our lives. Apart from the cost, below are some important factors that can affect your car buying decision.

Mileage and Maintenance: If you are looking for second hand cars for sale in Kenya it's said that cars which have been driven for 20,000KM or less per year are the best. Consequently, it is important that you buy a car that you can maintain, there is no need of buying a sports car or a turbo yet you cannot afford the large amount of fuel they require. Cut your coat according to your cloth.

Test Drive: Ensure that you test more than one car to ensure that the car is in good condition. Do not just settle for the first car you set your eyes on. Know that you can always walk away and check with several dealers to view variety before buying a car in Kenya.

Options: The worst thing to do is to put yourself entirely at the mercy of the car salesman. You need to have a number of good options and some form of information about the particular car make or model that you're interested in.

Spot is one of the best places to start for this. Sample the thousands of new and used cars for sale in Kenya at a variety of suitable prices from our trusted sellers.